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Intelligentsia Coffee
Wood Burl Coffee
All Crumbs Artisan Baked Goods
Hartzler's Family Grass-Fed Dairy
Handmade organic teas + syrups & other local roasters

Drip Coffee $2.25, $3 $3.25

Choose from a selection of brews, self-serve

Pour Over Coffee $4

Individually brewed artisan coffee, choose your own variety listed by the register

Espresso $2.50

Macchiato $3

Cappuccino $3.75

Latte (Iced or Hot) $4.25

Americano $3


Tea and Other Drinks

Tea and Other Drinks


Hot or Iced Tea $2.50, $3, $3.50

Organic and Hand Blended

Decaf Chai
Green Herbal
Lemon Jolt
Relaxing Flower
Sencha Green
Earl Grey
Yerba Mate

Chai Latte (Hot or Iced) $4.50

Handmade chia concentrate steamed with grass fed milk

Matcha Tea Latte (Hot or Iced) $4.50

Organic Green tea matcha powder, steamed into grass fed milk

Hot Chocolate $3, $3.50, $4

Grass fed chocolate milk, steamed to perfection, whipped cream optional

Affogato $5

Vanilla ice cream topped with a shot of espresso

Blended Bleak $5

A blend of vanilla ice cream, Hartzler's grass fed chocolate milk, and a shot of espresso, whipped cream optional


Healthy Tonics

Healthy Tonics

Healthy Tonics menu

Special-made drinks for sustainable energy — a healthy grab & go boost!
All sizes are 16oz


Vinegar Tonic - $4.50

  • apple cider vinegar, fresh lemon, cinnamon, cayenne, + raw honey (hot or iced)
  • ideal "pick me up"
  • potassium + enzymes in ACV, lemon regulates PH
  • honey is filled with antioxidants


Golden Milk Latte or Smoothie - $6.50

  • turmeric + black pepper paste, choice of grass fed whole milk or milk alternative, raw local honey, organic coconut oil
  • spicy, earthy, creamy
  • superfood properties of turmeric are enhanced + better absorbed in to system with the aid of pepper + healthy fat


Black Detox Smoothie - $6.50

  • banana, charcoal, organic cacao powder, maple syrup, almond milk
  • binds + flushes out toxins, energy boost, iron, potassium, settles stomach


Bleak's Bullet Coffee - $5.50

  • house roast coffee, emulsified organic coconut oil + ghee
  • decadent + frothy, extended energy


Beauty Potion - $6.50

  • papaya, great lakes kosher beef collagen, lemon, coconut water
  • anti inflammatory, detox, brightening, hydrate, antioxidant 


Maca Malt - $7

  • almond butter, almond milk, maca root, banana, house made vanilla bean coconut sugar, topped with local bee pollen sprinkles
  • boosts + helps sustain energy, adaptogenic


Metabolism Boost - $7

  • tart cherries, avocado, coconut milk, maple syrup, lime, touch of ginger
  • vitamin rich, complex fat, holistically nurturing, + promotes weight loss 


Brunch Menu

Serving up brunch every Saturday & Sunday from 9-2pm!

Brunch Menu

Serving up brunch every Saturday & Sunday from 9-2pm!

Brunch Menu
November 25th & 26th, 2017





Waffle sandwiches filled with strawberry jam and topped with creamy frosting and sprinkles.

Paleo option also available — grain free & omit frosting for dairy free